Monday, December 12, 2011

Fashion Forward to the New Year!

Who's ready for 2012? I am ready for the new tax season, at H&R Block. I have over 30 hours of continuing education credits this year. I have spent the second half of the summer working "summer service" which means preparing tax returns for those people with extensions, and for those who just never got around to doing it on time. Also helping our clients figure out what the IRS / State / City wants when they send out their letters. Often they disagree with our figures and want more proof of deductions. Sometimes the IRS is right, but usually they are wrong! Cities, too, are after every penny they can get. I think they are just hoping that people will get scared and pay whatever it says to pay on the letter. Scare tactics. Makes me embarrassed to be associated with those agencies.

Speaking of pennies, one way to keep track of holiday spending is through a website called GiftBox. It allows you to add your family members, holidays, gifts purchased, gift ideas, etc. You can quickly tell whether you've spent way more on your favorite child!

Another way to save money is by shopping online and through catalogs. You save time and gas and frustration by staying home. Did you know that you can now shop my Jockey website online? You don't even have to call or email me to get what you want! JP2P makes it easy to find the clothing that flatters your figure, and now it's even easier to purchase. We have some great holiday attire that will wow your friends. We also have deals that come from corporate on their facebook page. Be sure to "like" both my facebook page and my company's. You don't want to miss out on a great deal!! And don't forget to have a happy holiday!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Holiday Season Approaches

OK, ladies, what are you going to be wearing to holiday parties this year? Are you going to spend time, gas, and money searching for that perfect New Year's Eve dress, knowing that you probably will not be able to wear it again? Would you like to find some unique gifts for your fashionista friends and relatives? Jockey Person to Person can solve all of these problems, quickly, easily and economically! We have separates that can be dressed up and will work perfectly for the most elegant evening. We have a dress that can be worn several different ways, backwards, forwards, cap sleeves, strap sleeves, self-belted, no belt. This dress comes in black (the perfect "little black dress" and "true love", a red that works year 'round.

For holiday gifts, JP2P has
jewelry (earrings, necklaces, cuffs), scarves, belts, a leather wallet, and sunglasses.

For exquisite dressing that won't break the bank, try some of our separates. We have a flared jersey skirt in black and in true love. Pair it with the crossover jersey top (same colors) or our cap sleeve cowl top. Add some bling and you're good to go! And if anyone spills champagne, no worries, everything is washable!

Visit my website at for more holiday ideas!

Rain, Weeds, Gardens and Closets

(July 3, 2011) This Spring has been one of the rainiest that I can remember. Rain makes it easier to pull the weeds, but it also makes them grow! Pulling weeds slowly so that the root comes out gives me a certain satisfaction, like a child pulling out a loose tooth. Creating a beautiful garden takes a lot of hard work. Weeding, mulching, planting, and then watering and weeding some more take up so much time. The results are worth it, sure, but the hours that it takes can never be recovered.

One way to save time elsewhere in your life is through having an organized closet. You don’t need to have a million skirts, jackets, dresses, blouses, and sweaters when a few smart purchases will do. Weeding out your closet, like weeding the garden, takes time but the results are dramatic: less clutter to wade through when getting dressed each morning; tax deductions for the donated clothing items; a clearer self-image; and a more organized and in-control you. Getting dressed each morning will be a breeze when you have a carefully coordinated wardrobe. A few tops, a few skirts, a pair of pants, a few jackets in the right color combinations can be mixed and switched for an endless succession of outfits.

Jockey Person to Person® has the solution for every woman’s closet. Classic, timeless pieces that can be dressed up, dressed down, mixed and changed from casual to career to dressy. View our catalog and find the style that suits you best. Call me or email me to set up your customized home showing. Notice the accessories (belts, bags, scarves) that supplement the apparel, plus a fantastic “double-breasted jacket” in 3 colors to keep you dry in the next rainstorm!

Transitioning Into Spring


Unless you live on the equator, you probably have some clothes that you put away for a season. Whether you’re in Canada, New York, California, Florida, or the midwest, you may have “winter clothes” and “summer clothes”. Many areas have more than two seasons, however, and in the midwest where I live, we often have months where the weather can’t decide what it’s doing. We may have a spring-like day in March, and then more snow. In the fall we can have cool temperatures for days and then a summer heat wave comes along. So you can’t really put your out-of-season clothes into storage.

What’s the answer? Layering. Using scarves, jackets, sweater sets, crop pants, etc. will keep you comfortable no matter what Mother Nature comes up with. A good jacket will go a long way in your wardrobe. You can use it to dress up a casual outfit while keeping warm on chilly days. A versatile jacket or sweater can enhance an outfit while providing functionality. JP2P has a wonderful collection of jackets as well as some smart sweater sets.

A nice pair of capri pants can ease the transition from cold temperatures into the warmer season. Many capri or crop pants can be quite dressy, depending on the fabric. Often, capris can be part of a great casual outfit. They are, of course, warmer than shorts, cooler than long pants, and more comfortable than a dress or skirt. Add a nice top and a sweater or jacket and you are good to go. Whether the air conditioner is on or the heater, you’ll be quite comfortable. With a scarf or a belt you can add pizazz to your outfit. You can also define whether it’s casual or dressy with your accessories. So grab a great jacket or sweater to keep handy for the transitional weather.

Is it Spring Yet?

(February 2011) The snow has melted and the sun is higher in the sky! There is light at the end of the tunnel and I believe we have almost made it through another Ohio winter. Time to refresh the wardrobe with some bright new colors to celebrate! Turns out that RED is one of the colors that look good on all skin tones / hair colors, so if you’ve been afraid to be bright and bold, fear no more! You will look good!

Before I could finish up this post, the snow came again. Hopefully for just a short visit! We got about an inch of icy stuff. Other areas nearby got up to 6 inches! But I don’t care, I am ready for Spring! I hope you are too, but if not, call me and I will outfit you in some fabulous clothes that you can wear all summer too. Check out our catalog to see what else we have in store for you.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year, New You!

OK, so how many of you made a resolution to lose weight, or get in shape, or eat more healthily this year? Many of us make the same resolutions, year after year. We are full of good intentions but somehow things don't always turn out the way we plan. Maybe we're not planning properly. We need definable, attainable goals. In Girl Scouts, we teach the girls to use S.M.A.R.T. goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely. I think that Specific and Timely are the most important. Everyone wants to "lose weight" but you won't do anything about it until you decide how much to lose and give yourself a deadline. And writing down your goals and your daily progress will keep you accountable.

If going to the gym more often is one of your resolutions, one excellent motivator is purchasing new workout clothes. Sure, you can keep wearing those baggy shorts and old t-shirt, but look around at the other women and see what they're wearing. If you know that you look good, you will feel good about yourself and have more confidence. You will stand a little taller, push yourself a little harder and get better and faster results. Jockey Person to Person's new spring line is rumored to contain more workout wear than previous catalogs. Above is our new X-Back Tank. I can't wait to see it and try it on! In just a few weeks, our new spring catalog will be available on my website. Meanwhile, feel free to check my website for our current fall/winter apparel, and check here for our special catalog with our Little Black Dress and career wear. It's all on sale but it's going fast!