Tuesday, April 21, 2009

From Taxes to Tee Shirts

Ah, finally the Tax Season is over! Now that I am finished preparing taxes for people, I can concentrate on my other job as a Comfort Specialist. I am interested in finding other women like me who want to own their own business. How do I do this? I am going to join some networking groups. Also I try to mention my business during my facebook ramblings. And I suppose I need to get on the phone and call everyone I know! Not exactly my cup of tea, but it needs to be done. Meanwhile I am looking for my next party Hostess (this could be you) so I can meet my current goal of monthly parties. These parties are fun, easy to prepare for, and earn the Hostess free clothes. What could be better? Check out our line of comfortable clothing for women at www.myjockeyp2p.com/lindamustric and start making your wishlist!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

From Barefoot to Boots

It sure was nice and warm the other day -- I was wearing flip-flops with my Capri Pants, and there was No Jacket Required! It was a typical Spring day in April. The next morning, there were little white flakes floating down to the ground, and it was windy and cold! Good thing I hadn't put away the winter boots yet! So I got my Cozy Comfort Bed Jacket and Bed Pants from my closet and curled up on the couch for the rest of the day! My daffodils are looking a little sad right now but I am hoping that they perk up as soon as the weather warms up. Unfortunately, these items are no longer available. To see what we do have, view our catalog.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

April -- Showers, Flowers and Taxes

Welcome to April - a cruel month to be sure, with Tax Day coming up so quickly! Even though I work part time as a tax professional, my own taxes have not been filed! I am struggling with getting all of my expenses listed from my 2 businesses. Looking at my expenses forces me to face the facts - I am not making as much money as I had hoped! I need to buckle down, get on the phone and contact all the women I know to let them know about the wonderful clothing line from Jockey. With the dismal economy on everyone's mind, it is sometimes difficult to convince people to book a party or to buy some clothes. But... by combining a few key pieces, a woman can mix and match and have several different outfits without spending a lot of money!