Monday, December 12, 2011

Fashion Forward to the New Year!

Who's ready for 2012? I am ready for the new tax season, at H&R Block. I have over 30 hours of continuing education credits this year. I have spent the second half of the summer working "summer service" which means preparing tax returns for those people with extensions, and for those who just never got around to doing it on time. Also helping our clients figure out what the IRS / State / City wants when they send out their letters. Often they disagree with our figures and want more proof of deductions. Sometimes the IRS is right, but usually they are wrong! Cities, too, are after every penny they can get. I think they are just hoping that people will get scared and pay whatever it says to pay on the letter. Scare tactics. Makes me embarrassed to be associated with those agencies.

Speaking of pennies, one way to keep track of holiday spending is through a website called GiftBox. It allows you to add your family members, holidays, gifts purchased, gift ideas, etc. You can quickly tell whether you've spent way more on your favorite child!

Another way to save money is by shopping online and through catalogs. You save time and gas and frustration by staying home. Did you know that you can now shop my Jockey website online? You don't even have to call or email me to get what you want! JP2P makes it easy to find the clothing that flatters your figure, and now it's even easier to purchase. We have some great holiday attire that will wow your friends. We also have deals that come from corporate on their facebook page. Be sure to "like" both my facebook page and my company's. You don't want to miss out on a great deal!! And don't forget to have a happy holiday!!

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