Saturday, October 22, 2011

Transitioning Into Spring


Unless you live on the equator, you probably have some clothes that you put away for a season. Whether you’re in Canada, New York, California, Florida, or the midwest, you may have “winter clothes” and “summer clothes”. Many areas have more than two seasons, however, and in the midwest where I live, we often have months where the weather can’t decide what it’s doing. We may have a spring-like day in March, and then more snow. In the fall we can have cool temperatures for days and then a summer heat wave comes along. So you can’t really put your out-of-season clothes into storage.

What’s the answer? Layering. Using scarves, jackets, sweater sets, crop pants, etc. will keep you comfortable no matter what Mother Nature comes up with. A good jacket will go a long way in your wardrobe. You can use it to dress up a casual outfit while keeping warm on chilly days. A versatile jacket or sweater can enhance an outfit while providing functionality. JP2P has a wonderful collection of jackets as well as some smart sweater sets.

A nice pair of capri pants can ease the transition from cold temperatures into the warmer season. Many capri or crop pants can be quite dressy, depending on the fabric. Often, capris can be part of a great casual outfit. They are, of course, warmer than shorts, cooler than long pants, and more comfortable than a dress or skirt. Add a nice top and a sweater or jacket and you are good to go. Whether the air conditioner is on or the heater, you’ll be quite comfortable. With a scarf or a belt you can add pizazz to your outfit. You can also define whether it’s casual or dressy with your accessories. So grab a great jacket or sweater to keep handy for the transitional weather.

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