Friday, February 19, 2010

Cold, Snow, Winter: Will it Ever End?

February. Thank goodness it's the shortest month. Much of the country is covered in snow, and I'm trying to sell Spring and Summer clothing! Luckily, Jockey Person to Person has carried forward a few items from the Fall / Winter collection, such as the soft and warm Fleece Zip Front Jacket. This item should help you get through the rest of this month, whether you're out jogging, walking the dog, or playing in the park with your kids, until it warms up next month.

The most exciting news coming out of our Spring catalog is the color PURPLE. We have added color to our popular new Modal-blend dressy Skirt, Short-sleeved Top and Jacket! See pp. 18-19 of our catalog to view these items. The Jacket is one of the most versatile pieces I've ever seen! See some of the different ways it can be worn on pp.14-15. As part of our "Perfect 5" Travel Collection, the Jacket can become part of a professional outfit, a casual outfit, or a dressy evening outfit. Don't leave home without it! If you do travel, please go somewhere warm!