Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to all! Hopefully everyone has finished their shopping and can relax and enjoy spending time away from work and with family and friends. I actually braved the crowds early in the day on "Black Friday" and picked up a few really good bargains, but most of my shopping took place on-line. Many sites had free shipping options which really made life easier! Plus, my own company, Jockey Person to Person, has some fabulous scarves, belts and jewelry that make great gifts! And with the extra cash that I've earned this year from selling JP2P, I could afford to purchase nice gifts for my family and friends! It makes me feel so good to be contributing to the family finances, especially since the "job" is all fun and games and clothes! And next year should be even better: Jockey has created some attractive incentives for hostesses and consultants, from bonus hostess dollars in January to an earlier-than-ever launch for the Spring/Summer catalog. So 2010 is already starting off at a fast pace. We can't wait for the unveiling of the new catalog; we've heard rumors and reports concerning some of the new items. Stay tuned for glimpses of the new career wear and other stylish picks from our upcoming catalog. To view the current Fall/Winter catalog, click here. You can order from me anytime! Have a safe and happy New Year's!