Friday, June 19, 2009

Clearing the Clutter

I admit to being the world's worst packrat. I keep everything, partly because I don't want to put more stuff in the landfill (if you've never toured a landfill, you should go see one someday -- it's an eye-opener) and partly because you never know when something just might come in handy! This weekend, however, our family is holding a garage sale. We have TONS of STUFF to purge from our house: Barbies, Spiderman toys, stuffed animals, books, dollhouse, puzzles, and clothes. Unfortunately, people don't buy grownup clothes at yard sales. Kids' clothes sell great, but what to do with my silk blouse from the 1980's that looked so sharp way back when? I plan to donate my clothes to our church, which in turn gives it out to the neighborhood friends who come by on Saturdays for meals.
How do I keep from accumulating so much in the future? One way is to make smarter purchases. The Jockey Person to Person clothing line can help. We have clothes that can be mixed and matched into several different outfits. Take a pair of capri pants, put it with a matching camisole, and maybe a hoodie jacket, and you have a great all-around "on the go" look. Change the capris to a skirt, dump the hoodie for a shawl, and you're ready for a night on the town. Save the capris for working out at the gym the next day, or a hike through the park.
By using only 5 pieces (2 bottoms, 2 tops ,1 jacket) you can maximize your wardrobe dollars by making at least 8 looks. Add your own accessories to dress up or dress down the outfits, or use one of our shawls that come in 7 fabulous colors.

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