Saturday, July 3, 2010

What Will You Do On Your Summer Vacation?

Summer is in full swing and many families are going on vacation. Beach, mountains, lakes, cities, the options are endless. What will you pack? First, decide what activities you will be doing. If you'll just be lying on the beach drinking pina coladas, you won't need to pack much, just a few bathing suits and sunscreen. If you're going to be hiking, you'll need good sturdy shoes, several pairs of socks, one or two pairs of denim shorts or other hiking shorts (the kind that roll up to become shorts and roll down to become long pants are ideal) and a short-sleeved top and a long-sleeved top, as well as sunscreen and bug spray.

But if you are planning to go out dining, or wander through museums, or attend a cultural event such as a play, you will need to be a bit more selective in your wardrobe. It is a good idea to pack one skirt, one jacket, one pair of nice pants and two different tops. It's an even better idea if these items can be mixed and matched to create several different looks, so that you don't need to pack too many outfits. If you look on pp. 14-15 and pp.28-29 of our Spring/Summer catalog, you will see how easily this can be done! You can create 10 or 12 completely different outfits from only 5 or 6 key pieces. And if these key pieces are classic, not trendy, they will serve you well for years to come.

With the prices the airlines are charging for extra baggage, if you can fit all your clothes in the overhead compartment, you'll be saving money that can be spent on a good restaurant when you reach your destination. And clothes that are washable are an asset when you're away from home. Wherever you go for vacation this year, be safe, use sunscreen, and have fun!

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